Serve our Customers, Employees, and Nation with an unerring commitment to Quality, Delivery, Consistency and Results.


Look for ways to enhance performance, delivery and user experience while creating an environment that promotes innovation


Manage expectations by providing a consistent experience throughout the environments under our control. Consistency breeds Focus, Speed, Efficiency, Credibility and Recognition


In information technology, secure and protect information assets and individual safety through the use of technology, processes, and training.

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    It consulting
    PSSI focuses on advising organizations on how best to use information technology to meet their business objectives
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    It solutions
    PSSI delivers IT solutions for design and implementation that provide a full range of services to optimize your programs
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    PSSI provides Staffing solutions for those important administrative and technical projects in your program
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Technology companies are established for the purpose of providing a particular product or service that ultimately benefits the intended customer-user through the delivery of their expected results.


In turn, IT Companies generate sales and revenue which pay operating expenses and creates profits that are reinvested back into their organizations to develop bigger and better products and services, and the cycle continues.

In its most basic sense, this is the reason for PSSI’s existence; to provide services that deliver value and create an environment that engenders innovation for our customers, our employees and our global community. The boundaries of service provisioning are now unlimited with the potential for our services to touch every corner of the globe without leaving our back yard; such is the power of the Internet and the global user community.


What We Offer

  • IT Project Delivery
    IT Project Delivery
    Providing our customers with professional project staff that effectively support our clients.
  • IT & Administrative Staffing
    IT & Administrative Staffing
    Providing the Best-In-Class Scientific Minds and Technology Professionals from around the globe to support
  • IT Consulting
    IT Consulting
    PSSI focuses on advising businesses on how best to use information technology to meet

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