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About Presidio Service Solutions

presidio_Acronym_MasterSERVE, IMPROVE, MAINTAIN AND PROTECT: These are four simple words which personify everything that Presidio Service Solutions Incorporated is and strives to perpetuate in itself, its staff, its partners and for our customers. This requires that our company focus on becoming the best in our field and for our industry; however, being the best is not always easy! It necessitates an unbending commitment to quality and excellence; a steadfast desire to be the best; to have a vision of high standards; an ability to maintain professional integrity; and the moral strength to exercise the actions, no matter how unpopular, necessary to follow through on all these commitments. After working for half a lifetime in the IT products and services space, I have come to the same conclusion that many of you have who are working in similar industries; and that is that nothing great can be achieved without the strength and commitment of people. Therefore, all things begin and end with our service, maintenance, improvement and protection of and for people. As a result, we focus our solutions around the people who most benefit from its application


Our Solutions

PSSI’s services offer value to our customers and partners by bringing solutions to them, and their clients, that meet their most specific needs while providing operational stability, improved performance and desired results. Our services are not unique or arcane. How we strive to be different is in what we say and do for the very people that deliver these services and benefit from them.

Our Team

We are a Small, Minority and Veteran-Owned Business in its development stage enjoying our sixth year in operation. We have a small group of  good, honest and responsible  employees and consultant who work each day to build PSSI into a premier government contractor who endeavors to make positive contributions to our customers, employees, community and nation every day and in every way we can.

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