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IT Networking Services

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Applications Development
Business Alignment
Cloud Strategy and Deployment
Change Management
Data Center Support
Help Desk Support
IT Integration
IT Optimization
IT Outsourcing
Infrastructure Support
IT Strategy
Information Management
Technology Strategy & Architecture
Staff Augmentation
Systems Integration

We can build your technology infrastructure or improve and maintain your excising IT portfolio while supporting your staff and IT objectives. Our guaranteed monthly support agreements offer the following services:

Help Desk

When you have a technical issue, PSSI Works provides unlimited support for your covered equipment. Our live dispatcher responds to your requests and schedules technical support including remote or on-site support as required. Our fixed fees and response guarantees mean you can count on  Works support when you need it.

Use our Client Portal to access the help desk to view and track service requests and invoices.

Technology Assessment

When you become a customer,  Works performs a business audit to identify, document and tag every piece of technology you use. Our non-invasive, read-only assessment scours your network of servers, laptops, printers and other wired and wireless devices, cataloging your inventory. Our team feeds your technology information to  Works’ help desk so we are prepared to handle your support requests whenever they arise.

We protect your company’s systems with our Blue Steel PC boot camp program, which configures each computer to self-monitor for health, performance and online status 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our weekly maintenance program runs after hours and proactively keeps your systems operating at peak performance.

Through scheduled audits of your systems and software, we employ robust security controls including Unified Threat Management (viruses, malware and firewall) for each covered Windows device. A weekly security scan, which occurs during your off-hours, removes and prevents potential threats with up-to-date virus definitions.

Print Management

The average employee prints 34 pages per day and discards 17% of them. Take control of costs by tracking employee’s printing history. Our print audit provides detailed reports that allow you to hold employees accountable for their printer usage. In addition, you can analyze usage and when feasible, redirect high-cost jobs to low-cost devices.

Now IT Works can automate your supply fulfillment by remotely reading print meters and proactively ordering paper, ink or toner so you never run out again. Our remote monitoring service also audits printers for potential service issues and notifies equipment vendors directly.

Strategic Technology Plan

The Now IT Works’ professional consultants take the time to understand your business and its roadmap to the future. We work with you to develop a strategic technology plan, which forecasts equipment and software updates, replacements and budget. And, if renovating or relocating is in your future, the Now IT Works team will review and recommend appropriate solutions.

Hardware as a Service (HaaS)

Spread your technology replacement budget over a series of payments to smooth out capital expenses and let Now IT Works take care of the details. We update or replace your systems in a methodical manner as outlined in your unique strategic plan. Proactive maintenance and replacement of systems prevents unexpected IT expenditures and extended downtimes.

Remote Monitoring and Automation

Now IT Works deploys industry-leading software from Kaseya on your computers, servers, Apple devices, tablets and smart phones. We use the Kaseya software to remotely monitor, manage and maintain your IT infrastructures via the Internet. Updates, security fixes and routine maintenance are automated and scheduled. Even commonly used software installations can be automated, or we can customize any software installation for your business.


Reliable communications channels are critical to your business. Now IT Works can provide email, voice and video conferencing that keep you in touch with staff and customers.

Voice Networking

A small business benefits from flexible telephone management. Now IT Works can forward your office calls to your cell phone when you are out of the office and you can access voice mails via your email Inbox.

In addition, we can provide visual notifications of calls throughout the entire company or to specific extensions.

Instant Messaging

IM is a fast and efficient way to communicate to your team members especially for a quick questions and answers, or to strategize while on a conference call. An IM tool provides a stable, secure platform that reduces security risks found in some of public IM platforms.


Let Now IT Works set up video conferencing for remote offices, employees or customers. You enjoy higher quality communications while dramatically reducing travel expenses.

Email Management and Administration

Now IT Works offers robust, reliable email service using Microsoft Exchange. We provide spam filtering, threat management, content control and email archiving to keep your system lean and responsive.

Backup, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Network Security

Our proactive security measures will stop threats before they even exist. Now IT Works will establish a firewall, antivirus software, and proxy servers to keep intruder’s out of your network. If the first line of defense is breached, our 24/7 system monitoring and open forum will facilitate swift damage control and system repair.

Disaster Recovery

Now IT Works understands that a company’s data is too important to leave to chance, yet too many of us put off backing up our data because it is a slow and painful process. Now IT Works will provide an image backup of your computers to ensure a fast restore in the event of a failure. Our automated system backs up your data without disrupting your people or business. We schedule daily or hourly backups as dictated by your disaster recovery plan and perform a daily review of your critical data backups (both local and remote) to monitor success.

Business Continuity

Take disaster recovery to higher level and have Now IT Works create a business continuity plan for your business. We backup your servers to offsite, cloud-based facilities to ensure the retrieval of valuable customer and financial data. You are back in business with minimal downtime and no loss of data, no matter the disaster.

Cloud Desktop

Move your desktop to the Cloud and access it anytime, from anywhere, using a variety of devices. Now IT Works will migrate all of your applications for a seamless, stress-free transition to the Cloud. We handle the technology platform and you never have to invest in a new server again.

Mobile Device Tracking

Mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads and Droid devices are the lifeblood of your staff. Now IT Works can backup your devices so your data is secure in the event of damage or loss. We can also track mobile devices, and wipe and replace them when required.

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