Technical and Administrative Staffing

All productive work is performed by people. They are, collectively, a quintessential force of nature; producing results that literally drive a nation.

Your professional contract staff are, often times, the most important resources available for your important requirements and/or planed projects. They can be, and most times are, an effective way to complete office or agency initiatives helping you to meet important objectives on schedule and in the service of our nation. PSSI understands that finding professional and competent project staff can be challenging. In many ways the future of your projects, programs and/or reputation is dependent on the very people you choose to work on your initiatives, run your projects or complete your pledged deliverables. And since you cannot be in more than one place at a time, you are completely at the mercy of those people you have chosen to perform on and manage those projects and programs that are so important to you and the credibility of your office, agency or department.

PSSI can help you with staffing those key positions. We employ our human resource professionals and nation-wide search agents to identify important, hard to find and specialized positions. With PSSI will ensure you get qualified professionals that have been prescreened, validated and tested to ensure that you receive the best resource and for a cost that fits your agency’s budget.

These are just a few of the positions we can qualify, place and manage under contract for your initiatives:

Staffing good and competent people requires an incredible amount of time and resources. Whether you are in a small office, agency or full department, finding the right people can be challenging.  Let PSSI find the contract staff you need and ensure you get the right staff and within your budget.  Just send your request or inquires through the contact page and attach any specific requirements (as a file attachment) to better serve you, and we will do the rest.

From Program Staffing to full Program Management, PSSI Delivers

We can provide you with one person, or more, to augment your current project staff or run your full program with a select team of seasoned IT commandos that can take your requirements from start to a successful finish.  PSSI is a Certified 8(a) Small Minority Business and a VA Certified Veteran-Own Small Business (VOSB) with small and large business partners possessing diverse competencies than can handle any size requirement. Please visit our  IT Consulting and  IT Solutions pages for more information on what we can do for you.