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We Will Show You The Way To Success!

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All productive work is performed by people. They are, collectively, a quintessential force of nature; producing results that literally drive a nation.

Your professional staff are the most important resource available for your business. They can be, and most times are, the most effective way to build an organization into a world-class provider of whatever you happen to make, sell or trade.  PSSI understands that finding good and competent project staff can be challenging. In many ways the future of your projects, programs and/or reputation is dependent on the very people you choose to do your research, run your projects or complete your promised deliverable. And since you cannot be in more than one place at a time, you are completely at the mercy of those people you have chosen to perform on and mange those projects and programs that are so important to you and livelihood of your business or organization.

Let PSSI Show You The Way to success by providing you with the qualified staff to manage those all-to-important projects. We enlist the services of our internal recruiters, partners and University job placement offices to find you progressive and talented candidates that are pre-screened and ready to provide you with excellent service

PSSI Service Offerings. We are a Small Minority and Veteran-Owned business operating out of Oak Ridge, Tennessee and providing a host of services in support of our teaming partners, government customers and global community.

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